How important is it to have a two temprerature wine cellar?


My boy friend insists only way to store any wine is to in a dual temp. control wine cellar—since whites and reds are stored at different temps. My best friend says unless we are buying collectible, expensive wines, we can store reds at room temp. (that is, air conditioned) and put whites in fridge an hour before serving. Who is right.



Bad Andy

The answer to your question is this: Not very. A cellar is a cellar. Cool and dark is about all that matters, no temperature swings. Your reds are fine and can sit on the counter for a few hours opened to warm a little and your whites can go in the fridge for an hour. A dual temp cellar sounds like someone with too much time on thier hands or is anal about other things in life.


the separtate temps are more for serving than storing. The best temp to store wines is between 58 and 65 degrees with a fairly high humidty. Unless you are planning of buying a lot of very expensive wines and storing them for a long time, just keep them laying down in the darkest, dampest, coolest place in your house and they will last plenty long until you are ready to drink them.

x man h

first of all typed my question in the dark with my hair in my eyes

Kimberly C

The real issue here is whether you’re buying wine to put aside…or not.

If you’re going out to the grocery store a day or two before having guests over…don’t even bother with a wine cellar. Simply keep the red in a cool, dry and preferably dark place until serving. The white can go in the fridge several hours before serving.

If, on the other hand, you are purchasing wines (expensive or not) that you are going to have around for a while (months or even years)…then a dual temp. wine cellar would be a great investment as red and white wines will remain more stable at different temperatures.

Good Luck!

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