Will a wine cellar increase the value of my house?


I’m looking to sell a property in CA.
I’m not from the area, but it seems everyone loves wine, so my question is Will a home wine cellar increase the value of my home?




Only if someone who cares about wine buys it.

It likely won’t be enough to recoupe the cost of building a good one.

What about a wine fridge and storage instead?


are you near Napa?


No, but it might help it sell faster.

Bella Blu

Home wine cellars are one of the latest trends amounts the higher end property owners. If designed well they create a beautiful feature that always impresses a visitor. The effectiveness of that feature tends to vary in different locations, for example California, Florida, Texas and Illinois are stronger markets than some other States. As most people enjoy wine, they tend to react positively upon seeing a stunning wine cellar, if nothing else they will certainly remember your home for this unusual feature. While we cannot attribute a specific increase in sale value for a home wine cellar we can say that a significant number of visitors are often impressed and motivated to buy as a result. That fact will inherently put the seller in a stronger negotiating position at the time of sale.
So you get slightly smaller range of buyers but better opportunity to negotiate on price with the genuinely interested.

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