How do I start off making a good wine cellar?


Ever since I turned 21 I’ve been wanting to get my own wine cellar,how do I go about first making one or buying the best materials,second picking the right wines weather for decoration or drinking and third how do I build a pallet for it knowing whats a good taste or fruitiness or whatever?




1st of all u’l need a spade…hohoho


tempature and humidity and light


Building your own wine cellar is for people with serious $ $ $ . I recommend that you buy a commercially produced wine storage unit, such as a Eurocave. I’ve seen them as cheap as $ 100 for a twelve bottle version. As far as help in choosing wines for cellaring, start reading wine magazines. Wine Enthusiast is a good start as it’s an easy read and covers the spectrum from inexpensive to astronomical. Finally, drink lots of wine! Go to as many wine tastings and (if possible) wineries and sample as much as you can. Experience is the only way to educate your palate.


I have a wwine cellar it is 10 x 12 and its my pride and joy, Ihad mine put in my basement..I did most of the framing and sheetrocking myself, you can get good racks ,,,cedar is best ..from several places get a copy of wine spectator mag and you will see dozens of ads for racks, you can get them mail order. hte most expensive thing is the refridgeration unit they cost 500 and up.picking the right wines is up to you,whatever you find you like, as far as cellaring french,itialian and the blue chip california cabernets cellar the best As to how you develop a sophisticated pallate,taste and try as many wines as you can and learn how to properly taste…any wine bool can teach you the baisics

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