How do I create the perfect wine cellar?


I bought some wine and would like to be build a wine cellar to age wine evenly and smoothly. Right now I just have it in the box in the basement in a closet. I’m also not too sure as to what I can do about humidity as live in Colorado and its very dry here.

Any steps and or suggestions? Websites ?





Google for IWA (International Wine Association?). I get their catalogs, I just don’t have one in front of me right now. You will be drooling over all their different designs of wine cellars. Nothing is too small or too big! And the customer service is very helpful in helping you design one to your needs. And of course they can give advice on what temps and humidity to hold them at depending on what type and age of wine you have or expect to collect. They’re very professional.


There are many guidelines that must be followed in order to create the perfect wine storage space. Wine cellars need to be properly constructed to ensure that your temperature and humidity will remain in optimal levels. Your wine racks must be made from a wood that will resist moist and humid environments.

The challenge for you is that you live in a dry climate. But there are wine cellar systems available that will actively control both temperature and humidity in your new wine cellar.

Keep the cellar small if your budget is tight or go all out if you have money to burn. Just make sure that you build it properly or you will be wasting your money and potentially ruining your wine collection.

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Build the cellar before you buy more wine.

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