What are the best wine cellars and wine chillers?

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My brother is quite a wine enthusiast and I’m thinking about buying him a wine cellar and/or wine chiller for the holidays.

He usually has about 8 bottles of wine and could probably use a special fridge to keep them cool as well as a rapid chiller.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Specific brand names/models and where to buy them would be especially appreciated.


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Kathy H

You might want to consider a silent wine refrigerator. They come in different sizes. There’s a 16 bottle one for $ 159. on page 2 of Everything Wine Stone: http://www.cheers2wine.com/everything-wine.html

I drink wine often and never use my electric wine chiller….it only takes 15 minutes to chill a white wine on ice. I prefer an attractive ice bucket.


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